TWINSTAR CO2 Diffuser New Style

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TWINSTAR Diffuser "New Style" 

Various sizes available (Small, Medium, Large) for tanks ranging from 20L/5 gallons up to 250L/65 gallons.

  • Microspore ceramic stone produces ultra fine bubbles.
  • Micro-bubbles will last longer in the water, increasing its dioxide solubility efficiency.
  • Transparent acrylic design &  Shatter-proof.
  • Unique ceramic stone and acrylic bonding technologies that is durable enough to withstand CO2 system's high pressure.
  • Compact and light weight design.
  • CO2 is key to photosynthesis and a healthy planted aquarium.

Size Diameter Aquarium Size


Ø15mm  5~10 gallons (20~40L)


Ø19mm 10~30 gallons (40L~120L)
Large Ø24mm 30~65 gallons (120L~250L)