Tropica Specialized Nutrition

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Contains nitrogen and phosphor for fast-growing and demanding plants
- Also contains iron, manganese and vital micro nutrients
- Suitable for aquariums with many and fast-growing plants

How to use the product
Specialized Fertilizer is added each week when the water is changed. We recommend 5 mL per 50 L water. However, we recommended that this is set in accordance with plant requirements. Specialized Fertilizer contains, in addition to micro-nutrients, all essential macro-nutrients. The fertilizer is particularly suitable where plants display a lack of nutrition. However note that if algae growth starts, Specialized Fertilizer will promote this growth.

Specialized Fertilizer contains nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P). Dosage must therefore be adapted to plant absorption rates, to avoid undesirable algae growth. Where signs of algae growth develop, reduce the dosage by 50% and increase water changing frequency by 50 %. Changing the water not only reduces the concentration of nutrients in the water, but also removes algae spores, remnants and other accumulated elements from the aquarium water.