Tetra TetraBits complete

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A superior and comprehensive food, enriched with a new BioActive formula to best meet the nutritional requirements of Discus fish and that of other demanding tropical fish.

Product Features

1) Contains all essential nutrients, vitamins and trace elements

2) Beta glucan strengthens natural immunity

3) Includes stabilized vitamin C

4) Pellets sink slowly to meet the eating habits of fish

5) Enhances the splendor of fish’s natural colors

Product Description

TetraBits Complete brings a complete nutritional diet to secure a good health for your Discus and other fishes. The premium quality fish food has been created as per the needs of the fish hence ensures optimum health. Even the color and shape of the food pellets has been kept as per the natural preference of the fish. The slow sinking nature of the pellets suits the eating habits of the Discus fish.

Stabilized vitamin C improves the natural fighting power of the fish against various diseases; supports healthy growth; and prevents nutrition-related deficiency symptoms. Unlike the frozen food, the TetraBits food pellets carry no risk of disease transmission by any disease-causing microorganism.

Complete and balanced diet also boosts the remarkable natural colors of the fish.