Suisaku PROHOSE Ex

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Suisaku Pro-Hose Water Change and Gravel Wash Tool for Fish Tank / Aquarium Size : S, M, L
Tube length: (Small 30cm) (Medium 32cm) (Large 44cm)
Hose length: (Small 162cm) ( Medium 155cm) (Large 155cm)

Water change is a routine maintenance of fish tank /aquarium. When regularly changing water with a fresh one, it can reduce toxins in the fish tank /aquarium, while removing waste from gravel can maintain a natural balance in the aquarium environment.

Suisaku Pro-Hose water change and gravel clean tool is a multi-functional tool. It changes water and cleans the gravel as the water siphoned out. It is a handy tool to keep fishes healthy. You will never have a tough time to keep your aquarium sparkling clean.