Sera Discuss Granules

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Staple food for all discus fish.

Sera Discus Granules is the staple food consisting of carefully manufactured soft granules for all discus fish (including juvenile fish) and other fastidious ornamental fish. Disease resistance, healthy development as well as fertility are enhanced by optimally digestible, aquatic protein and the ingredients rich in minerals.

Garlic and prebiotically active ingredients perfectly add to the easily digestible attractive composition. When moist, the sinking granules quickly become smooth without swelling or losing their shape. The water is thus not being polluted.

Sera Discus Granules are the top product in the Sera granulated food range. Sera Discus Granules was developed especially for discus and other cichlids with high nutritional requirements. Regularly feeding this high quality, vitamin and protein rich staple food especially improves growth and colors of all young discus up to high ages.