Seachem Flourish Trace

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Uses: Flourish Trace™ is an additive that replenishes a broad range of trace elements that aquatic plants need to live.  These minerals can become depleted over time, especially in soft water tanks or when high purity water is used.  If your plants were growing well and then stopped growing or started developing unhealthy growth, chances are they are missing an essential trace element.


From the manufacturer:  Flourish Trace™ supplies a broad range of trace elements demonstrated to be necessary for proper plant health and growth. Trace elements are normally depleted by utilization, oxidation and precipitation.  The latter two processes occur more rapidly than with other micronutrients.  This makes it important to restore trace elements on a regular basis.  Flourish Trace™ may be used alone or in conjunction with Flourish™. Best results are obtained when both are used.


Directions from the manufacturer:  Use 1 capful (5 mL) for every 80 L (20 gallons*) twice a week.