Prodibio Start Up ( 6 vials )

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START UP offers two complementary products in the same box: the power of BIO DIGEST and the efficacy of STOP AMMO to start up fresh and salt water aquariums more rapidly.
  • Biodigest_Start:
    – composed of live bacterial strains
    – aquarium cleaning by waste matter digestion is helped by the presence of numerous different strains of heterotrophic bacteria
    – nitrates and phosphates are reduced
    – enables water to be effectively purified
    – prevents the spread of filamentous algae
    – converts ammonia into nitrites – nitrites into nitrates – and – nitrates into nitrogen
  • Stop_Ammo_Start:
    – traps and stops ammonia
    – reduces nitrite production
    – prevents the fish from being shocked or killed


  • When you start an freshwater or saltwater aquarium
  • Start Up enables you to quickly introduce 1/3 of your toughest fish into your
    new aquarium:
    – after 4 hours in freshwater
    – after 12 hours in marine water