Prodibio BioDigest 30 Vials - NEW Formula

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Prodibio BIODIGEST 30 Ampoules NEW FORMULA contains bacteria for sea and fresh water and is composed with nitrifying and denitrifying strains of bacteria

NEW FORMULA means that the already good quality of the bacterial strands has been further improved and are more active on the nitrogen, phosphorus and carbon levels in the aquarium water. The updated version also reduces organic waste and tackles the nitrogen cycle faster.
A substance may form at the bottom of the ampoule, after shaking the liquid may become cloudy, this is normal for the new version.

Prodibio BioDigest: concentrated anti-Nitrite: Organic Cleaner for Fresh & Salt Water: 20 million bacteria per ampoule

BIODIGEST is composed with nitrifying and denitrifying bacterial strains selected for their capacity to convert the ammonia into nitrites, the nitrites and nitrates into nitrate into nitrogen. They are guaranteed free from genetic mutations.