Polygonum Sao Paulo

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Polygonum Sao Paulo is an amazing aquatic plant species that presents a deep magenta hue that is not commonly found in planted aquarium tanks. Sometimes cross-referenced as Persicaria Kawagoeanum or  Persicaria Sp Sao Paulo, Polygonum Sao Paulo features bold coloration, quick upright growth and is a unique addition to any planted aquarium tank. 

Polygonum Sao Paulo, also known as Sao Paulo Smartweed, is relatively demanding and will require some experience in keeping aquatic plants to ensure it thrives properly. To keep this aquatic stem plant in tip-top shape, ample aquarium tank LED lighting, CO2 injection and a consistent maintenance routine should be provided to ensure optimal conditions for lush growth. If successful, Polygonum Sao Paulo breaks the water surface fairly easy and will reward you with frequent flowering. Propagation for Polygonum Sao Paulo is similar to any other aquatic stem plant and can be done by cutting the stem and replanting it into quality, nutrient-dense aquarium soil.  

Like some aquatic stem plants and aquarium plants in general, Polygonum Sao Paulo can be grown in emersed conditions and resembles the popular bamboo look that is highly coveted! Polygonum Sao Paulo, when provided with optimal conditions is a very deeply colored plant that looks similar to the popular Purple Bamboo. Sufficient humidity should be provided to ensure it does not dry out and wither. Polygonum Sao Paulo is a unique aquatic plant and would be a wonderful addition to any planted aquarium tank. Alternatively, we'd recommend utilizing it in a pond-style aquarium tank setup!