Oase BioMaster ( 250 / 350 / 600 / 850 )

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Product Description
The OASE BioMaster series is an externally mounted aquarium filter with integral powerful pump. The filter is designed for fresh water or marine aquariums from up to 250L - 850L. The BioMaster is designed and engineered in Germany and is packed with innovations to make the task of aquarium filtering as simple and efficient as possible.

The EasyClean pre-filter section can be simply removed for cleaning without the need to disconnect hoses and also features a robust built-in priming button for fast start up after cleaning or upon installation. The BioMaster also contains a series of fine and coarse filter sponges mounted inside the main filter section and 2 layers of OASE Hel-X 13 BioMedia. The combination of foams and bio-media offer superb mechanical and biological filtration and the main filter segment requires infrequent maintenance, thanks to the EasyClean Prefilter.

Optimum filtration: Fine 45 ppi pre-filter sponge (30ppi for Biomaster 850) to optimise mechanical filtration of coarse dirt and prolong the lifespan of biological media
EasyClean prefilter module: No more bothersome dismantling of the filter – simply remove the pre-filter module, rinse and replaceHigh filter volume: The combination of mechanical and highly effective biological filtration with Hel-X ensures healthy and clear aquarium water
Practical: Venting button for effective water suction to get started quickly and easily during installation and after cleaning
Safe: Shut-off mechanism and safety lock prevent unwanted water leakage, e.g. when removing the pre-filter module
Well-regulated: Control the flow on the filter or via the adapter set
Optional: OASE HeatUp integrated adjustable heater