NT Labs Pro-f Algae Wafers 40g

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Sinking Wafer - Lignin, Spirulina, Krill - Reduces Waste

Pro-f Algae Wafers provide a nutritionally complete diet for all herbivorous and omnivorous bottom feeding species such as Plecostomus, Peckoltia, Otocinclus, Panaque, Hypancistrus, bristlenoses, sucking loaches and clown loaches. Contains spirulina and other essential algae to suit the specific dietary requirements of algae eating species, as well as krill meal to enhance palatability for omnivorous species.

Algae Wafers also provide a source of lignin for wood-eating catfish that require it in their diet. Disc-shaped wafers provide the optimum design for these specialist feeders to maximise their nutritional intake whilst maintaining shape to minimise waste in the aquarium.