N30 Premium Aquatic Salt 500g

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N30 Premium Aquarium Salt is a unique mineral with anti-bacteria formula that helps to soothe fish trauma, inflammation and mold control of ornamental fish in freshwater aquarium and pond.

The Premium Aquarium Salt is deal for preventing and controlling early-stage general disease in ornamental fish caused by moving cylinders, trauma and improper changing of water.

When to Use

  • Fish is being enclosed causing stress and trauma
  • Changes in water and temperature potentially causing fungal infection in fish
  • Fish showing signs of early infection
  • Preventive care of fish


N30 Premium Aquarium Salt is suitable for treating freshwater aquarium and pond water and helps sick fish with conditions and diseases:

  • All the necessities of ornamental fish (especially colorful fish, koi, goldfish, arowana, etc)
  • Prevent diseases (such as white spots, mold, parasites)
  • During the "dipping" medical treatment, it effectively eliminates the origin of many kinds of germs
  • It is a good choice to mix medicine when new fish arrive
  • Suitable for hatching brine shrimp

For fish with serious conditions or diseases, it may be necessary to use additional medication for treatment. In any case, the Premium Aquarium Salt should help to soothe the sick fish and help with their recovery.