L264 Sultan Pleco (2.5inch)

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Sultan Pleco Care

Sultan Plecos (Leporacanthicus joselimai, L264) is a pleco type with greyish cream colored bodies and black spots. They have powerful sucker mouths that they use to hold onto surfaces. Males and females are much easier to determine from one another when they have reached maturity. The males tend to have larger and broader heads, larger dorsal fins, and brighter coloration. You will want to make sure that you have correctly identified your Pleco so that you are able to provide the correct care for them. Juveniles will have white tips on their dorsal fins and tail fins that will fade as they age.

Food & Diet

Sultan Plecos are an omnivorous fish species that are best described as scavengers. Though they are omnivorous, they are not the fish you would pick if you were looking for an algae eating fish. They have strong sucker mouths that help them hold onto surfaces. In the wild they will scavenge the bottom for food. In captivity they will readily accept a diet of protein rich live, dry, and frozen foods as well as green vegetables such as peas, spinach, and cucumbers. It is said that when they are juveniles they will want and eat more plant matter, but as they mature they will want more meaty foods in their diet.

Tank Requirements

Sultan Plecos require a minimum of a 55 gallon tank. Since they are a peaceful bottom dwelling fish, they will do well in a tank with others as long as it is not too crowded with other bottom dwelling fish. They require a temperature of 77F to 81F, and a pH of 6.0 to 7.5.

When setting up a tank for Sultan Plecos, keep in mind that they enjoy strong water movement. You will want to add in powerful aquarium filters, and even consider wave making pumps for their tank.

Placing rocks and cave-like structures for them to cling to will make them feel comfortable.  Even though they are mostly nocturnal fish, in the proper set up aquarium, you will begin to see them coming out during the daytime, clinging to rocks and in crevices. 

It is important that their water is clean and highly oxygenated. Sultan Plecos produce a lot of waste, and you will also want to make sure that you are performing regular water changes so that their water parameters do not get out of balance. Sultan Plecos like other plecos are sensitive to water changes. Sultan Pleco will not eat any plants that you have in your aquarium, so feel free to add in ones that you want to.