Jun Plant Gravel 2kg (M/L size )

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Widely used for freshwater fish. Especially suitable for Japanese freshwater fish, goldfish and medala. It has good roots of aquatic grass and makes the aquarium brighter than the big rocky sand.

Features :
  • Natural gravel with rounded corners that makes it easy to plant aquatic plants and prevents damage.
  • Ideal as bottom sand for aquatic plants, freshwater fish, goldfish, medaka, etc
  • Please wash this product thoroughly before placing it in the aquarium.
[Guideline for use]
  • For a 30cm aquarium (approximately 15L), 1kg to 3kg
  • For a 45cm aquarium (approximately 35L), 3kg to 6kg
  • For a 60cm aquarium (approximately 60L), 6kg to 10kg