JPD Medi Pleco Food 20G

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[ Feature ]

● This product is special food for pleco developed by researching the behavior and feeding pleco . This product is sinking type and hard to be crumbled in the water even eaten by pleco and keep the shape for a long time . Pleco will react to this product and will trace down the food . This product composed by well balanced plant and animal origin ingredients suiting the feeding habit of pleco . This product includes heat - resistant vitamin C and wheat ferment extract which help to maintain the health condition of pleco and maintain the immune system . This product contains live bacteria ( Toyoserin ) which helps to resolve of feces eliminated and prevents the deterioration of water quality . [ Caution ]

● The expiry date is on the condition of unopenen the cap for storage and up in an early period . This product is only use for ornamento . Mease do not use this product for another method . Please keep this product out of reach of children with preventing the straight sunlight . This product shape has a possibility of choking and please take care the accidental ingestion [ How to Feed ] Please provide this product 1 time a day . After several hours , please remove the remaining f as soon as possible . Ingredients Squid Meal , Wheat Flour , Dried Whole Egg , Marsh Grass Powder , Seaweed Pow Canola Oil , Squid Extract , gelatin , Spirulina , Calcium Carbonate , ß - Glucan , Live Bacteria ( Toyoserin ) , Rosemary Extract , Mannose , Torula Yeast Heat - Resistant Vitamin C , Lactoferrin Guaranteed Analysis ) Crude Protein : 31.0 % Min , Crude Fat : 11.0 % Min , Crude Fiber : 3.5 % Max , Crude As 11.0 % Max , Moisture : 10.0 % Max Content 20g ,