Jeneca Hang On Back Filter with Uv and Skimmer XP-U Series

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Jeneca external hanging filter for aquariums is designed with professional water surface extraction technology. The unique design of the surface extractor ensures efficient absorption of the oil film layer on the water surface. The filter is also equipped with a UV filter to make the water crystal clear.

The Jeneca external aquarium filters are suitable for seawater, cold water and tropical aquariums. The hanging mounting of the biological filter at the rear of the aquarium saves space in the aquarium.

The filter contains both felt and activated carbon for extremely pure water.

The filter is suitable for water circulation, biochemical water filtering and adding oxygen to the water. The filter basket of the surface extractor floats on the water level. The oil film processor can be manually adjusted up, down or clockwise, counterclockwise to the correct water level.

The filter comes complete with filter cartridges.

Advantages JENECA External trailer filter
Complete with Dual-Action filter cartridges
Chemical and Biological Filtration
Purification through UV light
Suspended mounting saves space in the aquarium
Optimal water circulation
Suction at the surface of the aquarium
Waterfall outlet, provides oxygenated water
Integrated skimmer for a clean water surface
Easy cleaning with easy-to-remove replaceable filter cartridges
Operating instructions supplied with installation and cleaning instructions.
Can also be filled with filter material of your choice.

50 liters 3.5W 200L/H 180 x 140 x 340mm JENECA 3.5W pump
Filter foam
Activated carbon
3.5W UV lamp

80 liters 4.2W 260L/H 235 x 140 x 340mm JENECA 4.2W pump
2 x Filter foam
2 x Activated carbon
3.5W UV lamp

120-150 liters 4.2 260L/H 202 x 185 x 355mm JENECA 4.2W pump
2 x Filter foam
2 x Activated carbon
4.5W UV lamp
2 Filter compartments with:
Activated carbon
Lava bio balls
Ceramic bio balls