JBL Pronovo Crab Wafer M 100ml

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Made in Germany,
Complete diet with 4% Wood Fibre and natural carotene (astaxanthin)

  • Complete diet with fish meat and shrimp meat for beautiful colours and healthy growth in crabs & crayfish
  • High-quality, natural carotene (astaxanthin) from spirulina algae ensures beautiful colour formation in e.g. Cherax and Procambarus species
  • Ideally balanced ratio of animal and vegetable proteins for healthy growth and trouble-free moulting
  • Prebiotic & sinking crab & crayfish food: special balast substances in the food provide the beneficial intestinal bacteria with nourishment for healthy digestion
  • Package contents: original sealed, air- and light-tight, recyclable tin with dosing aid in the lid

***This product is the successor to the JBL NovoCrabs (Food for Crayfish and Crabs)


Why is it important to feed the our pets species-appropriately?
Biologically speaking, the term "crustaceans" is a generic term that includes shrimps, prawns, crabs and crayfish. When it comes to food, we can easily group all claw-bearing species, including crabs (with a rounded shell) together, as their feeding habits are very similar. JBL PRONOVO CRABS therefore contains shrimps and fish, but also vegetable ingredients such as spinach and spirulina. Wood fibres as dietary fibres are also included.

Malnourished fish
But we aquarium friends have the well-being of our animals as our goal and not only want perfectly formed colors and healthy fish, but also offspring, so that fewer animals are taken from nature. The wild taking does not (proven) pose a threat to the fish species, but of course it is nicer when the number of species caught increases

Probiotic or prebiotic - which is better?
Probiotic foods such as Some yoghurts, for example, contain live bacterial cultures that are said to promote health, but only when consumed in large quantities. Such foods, including probiotic fish food, can easily spoil and then do the opposite. Incidentally, the positive effect on health is quite controversial.

Pre- or prebiotics are "substrates that are used selectively by host microorganisms and provide a health benefit." Scientists agree that they promote digestion and thus health. With our fish, there is another important aspect: Better digestion means that less is excreted and the water is less polluted, which means that the water stays cleaner and fewer algae problems arise. JBL adds selected yeasts to the PRONOVO feed types, which have been proven to stimulate the intestinal flora and thus have a prebiotic effect. It couldn't be healthier!


Analytical Components,

  • Crude protein (33.0%)
  • Fat content (6.0%)
  • Crude fibre (11.0%)
  • Crude ash (11.0%)