Dr Bassleer Furamor-P 4x3.5g

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The gentle way of healing

The gentle way of healing ornamental fish is going on. After all, not only the correct ingredient is important, but also the right dosage. To ensure this, we have developed a patented dosing system represented by the letter “P”. The dosing sachet releases the active ingredients into the aquarium water uniformly and gently throughout the entire course of treatment – never too much, never too little and only as long as necessary.

Subsequent dosing is no longer required and, should the fish recover more rapidly than anticipated, treatment can be stopped immediately by just taking away the dosing sachet. This gives the aquarist total assurance that fish already weakened by illness are not further stressed by the treatment itself.

FURAMOR-P acts universally and safely. FURAMOR-P is a universal medication for all external infections and is characterized by its high degree of effectiveness, reliable protection and excelent tolerance.