DIS Artemia Soft granulate ( 45g micro/ 150g / 150g xl )

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Artemia 50%  - Premium feed made of excellent ingredients.
Confident that your fishes will love them!

Artemia 50% Soft granulate- make from Artemia (brine shrimps), which will attract even the most fussy fishes to consume. Great for goldfishes, flowerhorn, marine fishes!

Brine shrimps are an optimal feed for nearly all inhabitants of freshwater and marine aquariums, due to their content of fat, carbohydrates and proteins. Complete diet!

With 50% "Artemia 50" soft granulate consists of an uncompromising high portion of these high-quality nutrients.

What so good of using soft granulates?
The softening prevents the granulate from swelling in the aquarium water or in the digestive tract of the fish and at the same time increases the acceptance of the feed. 


micro granulate 45g - with an average grain size of less than 0.5 mm, this complete food is ideal for the efficient breeding of fish larvae and young animals and can help even the smallest representatives, such as larvae of Bettas or Corydoras, to become “large and strong”.

soft granulate 150g - for small fishes, use Artemia 50% granulate, approx 1mm 

soft granulate 150g - for medium to large fish, Artemia 50% XL, approx. 1.5 – 2 mm is suitable.

sinking granulates

Experience has shown that Artemia 50% soft granules not only go down well with ornamental fish, but many shrimp lovers have also discovered this rich complete feed for themselves, respectively their darlings.