Crab Aqua 3 in 1 multi function aquarium led light

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3 in 1 Multi-Function LED light:

  • CA-L8-P3-F30 / for freshwater (for 30-36cm tank)
  • CA-L8-P3-F36 / for freshwater (for 36-45cm tank)
  • CA-L8-P3-F45 / for freshwater (for 45cm tank)
  • CA-L8-P3-F60 / for freshwater (for 60cm tank)

3 segment modes are available:

  • AQUATIC PLANT: According to the needs of aquatic plants, the spectrum is specially tuned to promote the growth of aquatic plants.
  • COLOR ENHANCING: Increase the viewing effect, making the red color of the fish more red, and the blue color more blue.
  • NATURAL RED: Suitable for the lighting needs of most potted plants and plants.


  • Using isolated drive, it is safer to use.
  • The driver is equipped with a memory function. The memory function will be generated 5-10 seconds after turning off the
    light. When the light is turned on again, it will return to the original use mode, which is more suitable for actual use needs.
  • Spectrum tuned to meet the actual needs of animals, plants and aquarium lovers.