Chihiros APLUS RGB Series A+ A451 LED Light

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The RGB A-Plus by Chihiros is a series of lamps that makes aquariums and aquascapes shine in a very special colourful splendour. The lamp is particularly suitable to show the different colors of plants and animals alike in all beauty.

The great colour rendering is a result of RGB LEDs, through which a colour spectrum is achieved which optimally supports the growth of the plants. In addition, Chihiros remains true to the concept of the PLUS series and offers undisputable value for money. The colours of the Chihiros RGB A-Plus can be controlled via the included Chihiros Commander 4, which can be programmed directly via smartphone app (iOS and Android). When these two products are used in combination, the lamp can not only be dimmed, but an individual daily routine and also midday breaks can be programmed. It is also possible to switch the lamp on and off/set midday breaks using the Commander without having to purchase an extra time switch.

  • Great colour quality via RGB LEDs
  • Commander 4 Bluetooth dimming controller included
  • Quality power supply included
  • Adaptable stainless steel brackets