Chihiros Magnet Nano

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Chihiros Scraper Nano Magnet Cleaner (8mm-10mm)

Chihiros Magnet Cleaner is designed for cleaning aquarium with thick glass wall measuring 8mm-10mm. Thanks to its strong N52 magnets, the magnet cleaner stays securely on the tank wall, allowing you to manoeuvre and scrape off stubborn algae with ease.

With the Chihiros magnet cleaner, you will thoroughly remove algae from the surface of your aquarium glass with every swipe.

Chihiros magnet cleaner makes removing algae quick and easy, and reduces the frequency that you need to dive in for cleaning with a scraper. Using the magnet cleaner frequently can help to slow down the growth of stubborn algae and relieves the need for frequent scraping.


  • Strong magnets
  • Stays securely on glass wall during cleaning
  • Thoroughly remove algae


  • Cleaner size (mm): 40 x 20