Boost Cichlid Veggie Pellet ( slow sinking ) 100g

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Boost Cichlid Food - Staple Formula Veggie 100g (Slow Sinking) 

Boost Cichlid Staple Formula Veggie is designed for digestion and absorption of nutrients. Suitable for cichlid fish that eat plants in particular. With a balanced blend of plant proteins, algae, spirulina, seaweed and wheat germ for healthy growth and bright colors. Contains vitamins and minerals to help keep your fish healthy.


  • Premium High Protein from Whole Fish and Krill
  • Maximum Growth
  • Natural Astaxanthin for Color
  • Improves immune system
  • No hormones added


  • Crude Protein 41%
  • Crude Fat 4.5%
  • Crude Fiber 5%
  • Crude Moisture 10%
  • Crude Ash 12%
  • Size : 100g